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Marte pneumatic dispenser

Semi-automatic system for applying labels on flat or oval products. The system is ideal for products that require precision application. The application is done through a pneumatic cylinder with a suction plate shaped to label size at the base. Once the product has been placed on the template, the label is sucked onto the plate (via the vacuum) through a manual start, and placed on product at the end of cylinder run.

Technical specifications:

- Speed ​​- 5 to 15 m/min
– Max. label width – 100/140 mm 
- Min. label width – 10 mm 
- Max. label length – 500 mm (other sizes on request)
– Max. container diameter – 100 mm 
- Min. container diameter – 20 mm 
- Engine type – step/step
– Stop label reader – fork photocell or microswitch only for transparent labels
– Max. label spool diameter – 300 mm 
- Cylinder with run of 50 mm or 200 mm
– Suction plate shaped to fit label
– Pressure gauge for regulating compressed air (6/8 Bar)
– SMC pneumatic material
– Label spool core diameter – between 38 mm and 76 mm 
- Tolerance for applying labels at top speed – 0.3 mm 
- Microprocessor-controlled electronic digital control unit and display – it allows perfect adjustment of label progression, without resorting to mechanical movements of the photocell
– Available adjustments – dispensing speed, application delay, label air blow time adjustment, label suction time
– The whole system is placed on an aluminum crankcase with 4 adjustable feet
– Weight – approx. 20 kg
– Max. overall dimensions – 850 mm x 500 mm x 210 mm 
- Power supply – 220 or 110 V 50/60 Hz
– Operating temperature – between +40°C and 0°C
– Self-dimensioning sensor for automatic reading of product size
– Sensor for detecting label on buffer
– Supplementary buffer
– Supplementary positioning jig
– Hot/dry print group
– Special photocell for transparent labels

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