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Urano Concorde


Pneumatic applicator for printing and corner application on boxes. The printed label is sucked onto an application arm with 4 fans to create a vacuum and a series of straps for sliding the label to the correct position for labelling. Using appropriate software, we can print logos, alphanumeric data and barcodes.

The URANO CONCORDE system is also available with Zebra and Datamax printers.


Urano Concorde technical specifications:

– Print and apply system with pneumatic application

– Print definition – 200 dpi or 300 dpi

– Connection with parallel port or RS232 USB

– Pneumatic application arm with suction fans and straps for sliding label into position

– Optical fibre for reading presence of label in position

– Thermal transfer or direct thermal printing

– Max speed 12/15 m/min (depending on printer used and its speed)

– SMC or FESTO pneumatic material

– Pressure gauge for regulating compressed air

– Control unit with microprocessor for managing application, managing and signalling pneumatic and printer anomalies

– Standard software


–   Support column

–   Dedicated software

–   Self-dimensioning sensor for cylinder run

–   Optical/acoustic alarm for end of labels and/or tape

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