Automatic feeding system for flat boxes, envelopes, paperboards with adjustable stock size and thickness. A sequential motorized conveyor belt with vacuum pump to maintain flat products and well-positioned in transport, variable speed. Steel and aluminum structure. Management and control via PLC and operator interface via Touch-screen 7 ” in color. All motors are synchronized and controlled by the operator panel. To the transport system it is possible to combine: – A HOT or SECRET marker for dead end marking; – A labeling head for applying preprinted labels; – A P & A to print and tag in real time.

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Data sheet

At the end of the line you can install a recovery system for the products you just tagged and / or marked.

Measure min. product: (height 10 cm) (width 35 cm)
Max production: (height 30 cm) (width 20 cm)
Standard thickness: 0.5 mm to a maximum of 2 mm
Hourly production: up to 15,000 pcs / h


You can also integrate with the automatic flyer:

– Dry printing
– Head labeling machine
– Uranus Print and Apply

Photo gallery

Video gallery