Labeling line composed with conveyor belt with variable speed, basee with stainless steel monobloc. The line SYNCHRO is available with 1 or 2 labelling heads with maximum label width range of 100-140-190-230-260mm each.
This system is ideal for application on cylindrical products, ovals and flat containers. Electronically controlled by PLC with TOUCH SCREEN display for setting the speed, and various parameters, to obtain a perfect labeling application.
On Saturn Synchro model, all components are synchronized to the speed of the conveyor belt, making very easy and quick any size change.

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Data sheet

– Construction material – stainless steel
– Speed – variable from 0-30m.
– Electronic control with PLC
– Viewer parameters with touch screen
– Column / and support for the head / label / s with horizontal and vertical adjustment of tilt-
– Engine type – step / step
– Power supply – 220 or 110 V 50/60 Hz
– Standard width conveyor belt – 85-170 – 250 mm. (other sizes on request)
– Standard Length conveyor belt – 1500 or 2500mm. (other sizes on request)


– Rotary side application to wrap or semi wrap on round bottles
– Side belt wrap for application of labels on conical products
– Top roller to stabilizer for product or oval labeling phase
– Centering system for the alignment of products ovals
– Spacer products for the spacing of products before the step of labeling
– Group releases hot / dry to print the batch and expiry date on the label directly before labeling
– Control Panel “Touch Screen”
– Load Turntable diameter of 800mm and 1000mm
– Turntable discharge diameter 800mm and 1000mm
– Pneumatic system for application security seal

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